i feel like a ninja photographer

today, i waited for our elderly next door neighbor to get into his car and drive away. as soon as i saw him turn right onto the street, i ran into my room, snatched my camera, and went outside in my faded red sweatpants. i tried to act kind of casual as i walked into his front yard, like i had important business to tend to. (i didn't want the other neighbors to grow suspicious!) as i approached the Stump of Awesome Moss, i felt excited. i had been waiting for this moment  awhile. and that moment had finally come.

"why didn't you just ask the old man if you could take a picture of his stump?!" says a voice in my head.
"because," i reply. "then he would look out the window the whole time to make sure that i'm not defacing his property or robbing his flowers!"
"oh," replies the intelligent voice. "i see."
of course you do.

our elderly neighbor.......let's just say he's a bit paranoid. he doesn't like cats (or kids) in his yard, and anytime he sees a small leaf in his driveway, he picks it up like it's a piece of garbage! he seems very meticulous when it comes to the appearance of his yard. but a leaf? come on.
there was this kind of thrill that went through me as i took these pictures that i didn't get permission for. i didn't feel like a criminal on his property if that's what you think. okay, sort of  but my sneaky efforts, in my opinion, were definitely worth it. >>>>>>

i saved best for last. the stolen photo above is my absolute favorite.

i'll just say right now that i feel like a ninja photographer. i don't feel bad for what i did, not by any means. but i'm thinking next time,  i'll ask permission. i promise. 

post script: see, what did i tell you? i told you i was going to get those photos no matter what.

post script post script: i'm eating a pancake covered in peanut butter.


  1. that's kind of neat looking :) and i've never had pancakes and peanut butter before :) have "nija photographer" taking more pictures :D

  2. why thank you! i woke up this morning and thought "i haven't posted in days...oh! i know what i'll do!" and, yeah. that's about how it went :) and then two hours later, i found this beautiful bird watercolor. so i tweaked this and that and voilá! a new design burst forth from the fountain of creativity! :D heehee

  3. What amazing photos. Isn't it so awesome that a stump can be so beautiful?


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