Queen for a day

So a few weeks ago, my brother Keaton decided to dress up.......like a queen. He was extremely fascinated with a game my mom bought, and he just started piling on all the jewelry that came with it. It was a hilarious sight. He didn't have a shirt on and he was thoroughly enjoying this so called thing: "dressing up".
 I wanted to remember this moment. So I dashed to grab my trusty camera and then Keaton and I went out into the backyard for a photo shoot.

I can promise you guys that I did not put him up to this. (I know the first picture appears contrary to this fact, but that was just his serious face) I didn't force him to. (what kind of sister would I be if I did?)
That's what I love so much about this. Keaton wanted to do it. And he didn't care what anyone else thought of him. He simply did not care. He didn't care if it was considered "girlish". Or worry if anyone would make fun of him. He just did it because he felt like doing it. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I love ya, Keaty!
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