Little Notes of Joy [38- 46]

38. taking a beach trip

39. having my incredibly awesome camera around my neck

40. listening to my favorite music

41. feeling like I can do anything

42. the first days of summer

43. thinking about my future

44. reading scriptures

45. wearing my favorite jeans

46. photography


Bubble Blowing Shindig

So earlier today after my brother Keaton got home from Kindergarten, Mia and Claire (my sisters) and I went out into the backyard to blow bubbles.
 I find bubbles to be very beautiful. The way they float through the air effortlessly, all the while colors of the rainbow swirl around their surfaces. It makes the whole scene all the more gorgeous with adorable little sibling faces blowing the bubbles. (: Let me just say that we had a jolly good time until it was time to come in for lunch.
<<<<And inevitably,  I took many pictures>>>>>



~Which ones are your favorites?~


I'm Back!

Hey everyone! :)
I'm back to blogging now- (along with a new blog name, URL and header) I plan on doing some more redesigning around here so don't be surprised when everything looks different. I promise that a real post is on its way. Just hold your horses.

*~What do you think of the new name?~*
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