Raspberry-Almond Shortbread Cookies

I baked these scrumptious delights last night and my entire family raved over them. (I think they're loving the fact that I've been in a baking mood.)
These cookies were very enjoyable to make and likewise, enjoyable to eat. The hint of almond, the sweet raspberry flavor and the rich shortbread.......the combination of the different textures and flavors is simply lovely.
 I highly recommend one to bake these and experience this heavenly sweetness for themselves. Find recipe here.  I found this recipe in the 100 Best Cookies magazine.
Oh, baked goods. I love you.

note: I didn't follow the recipe exactly


take a look at this chocolate caramel hazelnut goodness

I tried out a new recipe yesterday and the result was delicious. I happened to spend over two hours* in the kitchen but, ah well. I think I used my time wisely, don't you?

* chopping hazelnuts, melting caramel, melting chocolate and assembling these cookies takes longer than you may think


winter is....

photo: by Kate

frosty leaves
hot chocolate with marshmallows
over sized flannel shirts
walking towards the front door, anticipating the rush of warm air once it's opened
good books and blankets
wool socks galore
sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters
"ice skating" across the slippery, icy porch
cold fingers
hot tea
gray skies and fresh air
crackling fires filling our home with warmth
photography opportunities
reserved time to stay inside and write poetry
an excuse for baking ;)
staying up until 3:30 in morning with mom, watching Iron Man and eating brownies
laughing with teriyaki jerky in my mouth
reading until my eyes are heavy
wishing to walk in the thick fog although it's freezing outside
searching for my slippers
standing by the oven just because it's warm
looking forward to bedtime
making a list of more books to read
thinking about the new year ahead of us....

King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men on Grooveshark


new beginnings and a teacup list


* I planned to post this January 1st, but LIFE HAPPENS

With every new year there comes new beginnings. New aspirations. A fresh start. Change. Teacup lists. The possibilities are endless!
On New Years day, I suddenly realized how old I'm getting. (I will be nineteen in April) Time is passing me by and there's no way to stop it. Before I know it, I will be heading off to college soon. After summer.
 There are so many things that I want to do and accomplish in my life, and I feel as though there is never enough time.
Time is probably one of the many precious gifts that God has given us. And He hopes that we will use it wisely.
I exceedingly regret all of the moments that I have squandered. Watching needless television, just sitting around feeling sorry for myself, wishing that I had what other people had, putting myself down, thinking about petty, little things that will never, ever matter. There is so much more to life than what I have been seeing. I have resolved to CHANGE this year. Not only for my benefit, but also for the benefit of others around me.
I aspire to be kinder. To show love to my family with my whole heart. To make complete strangers feel happy. To turn my thoughts outward rather than inward. I aspire to be more grateful. To never raise my voice. To spend more time with each of my siblings. Show my mother my gratitude for all that she's done for me. To treat myself with kindness. I aspire to bake more this year and try out new recipes. And hopefully share my kitchen creations with others. To gain more confidence in myself and my talents. To inspire others. To help others. To become involved with other people and focus less on myself.
My mom and I had a conversation in the car the other day. (Car conversations with Mom are always great) My mom seems to have this interesting way of inspiring me and pulling me out of my depressed pit of despair. I usually always feel better after talking with her.
 She told me, "Everything that you want will be yours. Maybe not today. Or tomorrow. Or this year. But in time, you will have everything you desire."
I can't quite remember what she said word for word, but I do remember the words in my heart.
 And it wasn't a terribly lengthy conversation, but it made me really think deeply about how pathetic I have been.
Anyway, I just really  need  want to change my way of thinking and my outlook on life.
This year is going to be different.

You are probably wondering by now, "what in the heck is a teacup list?"
Well, it is slightly like a bucket list, only smaller. I invented it last year. It's a list of all of the things that I aspire to accomplish or do within the year. 
Teacup list

Make macarons (not to be confused with macaroons)

Get a job

Learn to play the guitar

Walk down on the UP escalator

Obtain my license

Make homemade candy

Milk a cow

Blow bubbles at the beach

Write to J.K Rowling

Read: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Emma, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Grimm's Fairytales

 ~ What are YOUR aspirations for the new year? ~
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