Raspberry-Almond Shortbread Cookies

I baked these scrumptious delights last night and my entire family raved over them. (I think they're loving the fact that I've been in a baking mood.)
These cookies were very enjoyable to make and likewise, enjoyable to eat. The hint of almond, the sweet raspberry flavor and the rich shortbread.......the combination of the different textures and flavors is simply lovely.
 I highly recommend one to bake these and experience this heavenly sweetness for themselves. Find recipe here.  I found this recipe in the 100 Best Cookies magazine.
Oh, baked goods. I love you.

note: I didn't follow the recipe exactly


  1. Those look delicious! Also, I just made almond shortbread cookies ( http://octavia-ann.blogspot.com/2013/01/tasty-tuesday-latte-stand-cookies.html ) but raspberry sounds like it would have been really good.

  2. Those look amazing! My sister is the baker in my house, so we are always getting to eat all the treats she makes. :)



  3. My taste buds are suffering. I can't get over how absolutely good those are!!


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