the piano that implored

The piano is sitting in the corner of the room, longing to have its cold, black and white keys touched by loving fingers. Fingers that dance atop its surface, playing a melodious tune that echoes throughout the home. With each note and press of the keys, the piano becomes happier. Knowing that she is loved. 
Although she has gathered dust, that does not shroud her true beauty and potential. As her music floats into the air and into the hearts of those around her, she is content. Knowing that she is wanted......and appreciated.
She feels new again. 
As the hands leave, and the lovely echo fades, the piano awaits until the time that someone will notice her. And hear her. Hear her imploring words. "Come," she says. "Come play a tune. Touch my keys and create a masterpiece that only ears can see."


summing up my hectic and lovely week in 20 lines


listening to the sound of the rain as I fall asleep

dishes, laundry and cleaning the bathroom

cheesy, creepy movies and lasagna

car rides, fun friends and late nights

tidying up my room and kicking the cats out the door

thinking that there's never enough time in the day and wishing there was more

letter writing and ink stained fingertips

roller skating and getting completely soaked in the pouring rain

a two and a half hour lie and British accents

eating WAY too many treats and thinking about Halloween

acting like an insanely happy maniac and deep thoughts

exhaustion, orange tea and Danish butter cookies

missionary dinner, pizza and much laughter

wood sanding, nice ladies and black paint on my wrists

thinking intensely about getting a job and excitement

babysitting, baking chocolate chip cookies and cleaning someone else's house

too much to do and deliciousness 

late for church, visiting good friends and a very humorous Sunday

chilly temperatures, comfy sweatshirts and hot chocolate topped with peppermint whipped cream

fragrant candles, a warm fire by the hearth, and saying "I love you"

>> How was your week? <<

The Show (official mastered) by Lenka on Grooveshark


the art of writing letters

Vintage letters...LOVE

Have you ever gotten utterly ecstatic when an envelope or package arrived in the mail for you? Or when you received a letter from a distant friend--or maybe, from a-not-so distant friend?
I go into a state of rapturous delight when I get something in the mail or when I get a handwritten letter from someone. (it's been awhile though) It's just so...exciting somehow. I prefer getting postal mail (which I now know is also called: "snail mail") to getting emails. The art of writing letters seems to be a dying one. And I don't want to see that happen. Ever.

One of the great things about letters is: you can hold them in your hands. They're tangible---unlike their email counterparts. The lovely sounds of the envelope crinkling as you tear it open to get a glimpse of its contents. And with every rip and tear you get more and more excited. (just as you would with a Christmas present)
 Letters are personal. You know that the person who sent it to you, took their time to write it just for you. You can see their handwriting; elegant or scrawly. It doesn't matter. Knowing that they put pen to paper....is just beautiful. You can run your finger over the letters, feeling the indentations of each one.

I recently "interviewed" two friends about writing letters. I asked them how long it had been since they had last written a letter. One said, "About seven years ago." She wrote it for her brother when he was away.  The other replied "Two and a half weeks."
Upon the last response, I was a bit thrilled, but then became skeptical. "What was it about or for?" I ask.
I don't remember exactly what he said, but it pertained to his graduation or something or other.
I told him that that doesn't count. He rather disagreed.
He then said that he wrote his last personal letter about  two years ago.  (see, I told you)

Earlier this week, I sat down to write a letter. (It was kind of a rough draft, considering it was more like a story.)  It felt nice to sit down and write. Here pretty soon, I plan on using my quill and pot of blue ink to finish up that letter, and then it will be ready to send off in the mail. (don't worry! I'll keep you posted)

Writing letters. Its a beautiful thing.

Think about receiving a letter from an incredible, loyal friend - (or in some lovely cases, a significant other)  what would they tell  you?
Ponder upon the story and life of John Keats. How romantic his poetry and letters were to Miss Brawne. They spoke to each other primarily through letters. Which I'm sure every line of Keats' letters were beautiful and lyrical. Despite the fact that at times Keats seemed to be angry for loving her.
Think about the anticipation that Miss Brawn must have felt as she waited eagerly for his letters.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. "
~John Keats~

---When was the last time you wrote a letter?---
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