I love you, Mom

I love you, Mom
My very best friend
I love you more than anything
A listening ear you'll always lend

I love our conversations
And our late night talks
If we had nothing better to do
We'd go on many walks

We don't always see eye to eye
Seldom do we not get along
But when we do, we stop
Because arguing just feels wrong

Day by day I'm growing up
I'm not a little girl anymore
I love you with all my heart
And every day I love you more

I'm growing older, it's true
But that will not change my love for you

All those nights we'd stay up late
Many books we did read
All the memories I have kept
With the only friend I'll ever need

You're rad to be around
I enjoy spending time with you
When we are together
Laughter will usually ensue

You are my mother
And always will be
No matter how far apart
Forever and eternity


and we'll go up, up, up; but I'll fly a little higher

This song is very touching. I can't stop listening to it. It makes me both happy and sad. Listening to this really puts time into perspective for me. How we don't have enough of it. How we take 'time' for granted. And some of that time can be taken from us. "Ripped right out of our hands"

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more memories from the beach

blowing bubbles at the beach. (it was on my bucket list)

there's no place like the beach
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