Dearest Rebecca,.....

Dearest Rebecca,
The letter which now lies in your hands (that is, if in fact you are reading this letter) had quite the difficult journey.
I know the troubles that the postman and my other delivery sources had in attempting to place this letter in your mailbox. Considering I have to send this by rowboat, train, foot and even by an owl. I just hope you receive my words with joy!
 From the destination in which I am residing at the moment, in the middle of nowhere, without any means of communication, I am pleased to inform you that I am doing fairly well indeed. --
 If it weren't for the unfortunate facts that I have only a quill, a pot of ink, aged paper and a small ration of food and water.
  Please don't feel any sympathy for me; it's been quite an adventure.
But I am hoping by the time you obtain this letter, I will have already found my way home, safe and sound.

Sadly, this letter is a bit pointless. I am writing you, merely to let you know that I'm alive and well at the present moment---
unless the wolves descend and devour me. So I send you my best wishes and regards as I chase down my next meal.
And I will think of you sitting in a big, comfy chair reading a pleasant book, thinking pleasant things, while you sip your hot tea. Instead of fabricating a fishing pole or some other hunting implement in hopes to satisfy your hunger.

Inside the envelope you will find a few things I have gathered on my travels.

I must go and find shelter now, as it is becoming rather gusty out here.

Kate. L

post script: Had it not been for a slip of paper with your address on it, I wouldn't have been able to write to you.


this Christmas

The Christmas season this year was slightly hectic. But also, it was filled with memories. Some memories were captured with my camera, but many were captured with my heart. They couldn't have been photographed.
I made delicious sugar cookies and incredible paper snowflakes. I inhaled the chilly air and let snow fall in my hair. I put Christmas lights and ornaments on our tree. Received anonymous gifts on our doorstep. Quoted Buddy the Elf quite frequently. I watched holiday movies with my family. And I ate WAY too many chocolates. I sent a letter that I had already written but procrastinated sending in the mail. I knitted a hat that I gave as a present. Witnessed an elf grilling hamburgers. (yes, I really did) I got a long awaited journal. I devoured one too many cookies and treats but never regretted it. Stayed up until 4 AM two nights in a row. Ding-dong-ditched someone's house and left a baggie of scrumptious goods. I took as many pictures as I could, but not as many as I should have. I gazed at Christmas lights in the dark.
Christmas is beautiful. And I'm thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ.

How was your Christmas, darlings?


first snowfall

The first snow began to fall last night. It was utterly beautiful. 
( I'm hoping for a white Christmas )




It's where the heart is.
Where your loved ones are.
A place where you can be yourself without the judgment.
Love and be loved.
Eat good food and give happy hugs.
Sing to your favorite song without a care in the world.
Read books and laugh.
Have an honest, heartfelt conversation.
Smile and take naps.
Reminisce old memories.

Even if you're not really home, you can still have that warm, content feeling. When you know you're at home in your heart. In the car, in a train, at the park or at a friends house. It could be anywhere. You'll know that feeling of home when it comes to you. You'll have a happy heart.



faith, me, and God


I know with my entire being, that I need to be closer to God. He has done so much for me, and I feel that I put such little effort in to express my bountiful gratitude to Him. I don't think praying is enough.
 Through this difficult time in my life, I need Him more than ever. I know that I could never do any of the things that I'm doing without His help and guidance.
I realize now, that if I cannot find the time to read scriptures or pray, then I am too busy. Which seems to have been the case lately. I need to put Heavenly Father first. As my first priority. Above anything else. Before myself.

Recently, I haven't felt like a good sister. I've been mean. I've been impatient. Irritable. I have yelled at my siblings. Gotten angry with them.
And I regret it..... Immensely.
 I put aside playing with my brothers and sisters because I thought texting was more important. I've pondered this day after day. "Why? Why do I even do this? That single text will always be there. It's the text that can wait. Not my siblings". 
I was spending too much time on the computer and not enough time with them. Caring about trivial things that will NEVER matter. 
They don't deserve this. They don't deserve to be treated the way I have treated them. I know that everyone in our home is under a lot of stress. In our particular circumstance, it's hard to keep my temper. 
But also, in a way, this situation has brought us closer together as a family. And I feel that it has brought me closer to God. 
I know with all my heart, that He will help me through this tough time in my life. No matter how hard it feels right now. I know He is there. He is watching over us. He wouldn't make me go through with this if He thought I couldn't handle it. God knows what I am capable of. What we're all capable of.

I pray that He will bless me with patience, kindness and an increased faith. I pray that soon everything will be the way it was. That everything will soon be better. And I will come away from this as a stronger and wiser person.
It's difficult to put all of my feelings into words, but I am trying hard. Trying hard for Him.
I have said I'm sorry. And He forgave me.

I will change my heart.

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