I am thankful...

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As the years pass and the older I get, the more thankful I become. I realize that I am thankful over some of the smallest things. And every Thanksgiving, I reflect on the things I am grateful for (more than usual). And that each year, Thanksgiving seems to have a new meaning to me, and I understand what being truly thankful is.

I am thankful...

for my family
for love
the colours red and yellow
music that speaks to the heart
good books
flannel sheets
the sea
for heartfelt words
for scrumptious food
wool socks
for people who make me laugh and smile
salted caramel hot chocolate
for the people who inspire us
my home
second chances
for the free country that we live in
for having shoes on my feet
for getting letters in the mail
sincere hugs
for the opportunity of education
dreams and aspirations
for mothers
those moments when saying nothing says it all

What are you thankful for?


House made of windows


I would love to live in something like this. Or even better, be the one who created it.
Awake to see the sunrise through the glass window walls. Watch the sunset beyond the trees and behind the mountains. Stargaze 'til you fall asleep. 
Have natural light all around you and watch it change throughout the day.
This is beautiful and simple and *sigh*........a house made of windows.

Watch this wonderful documentary about the ones who designed and built this place of inspiration


feels like home now

So a couple of weeks ago we moved to a new house. To a new city. A bigger city. (two hours away from where we previously lived)
At first, everything felt odd. The house didn't feel quite right. Walking through the front door seemed like walking into a stranger's home. My bedroom didn't feel like mine. Cooking in the kitchen wasn't the same.
Everything just felt.....different.
Don't get me wrong, different is good. Heck, I love different. But when it comes to a place feeling like home....not so much.

All of those feelings changed the other night.....
That night, my siblings and I all gathered around my mom in the new living room (empty boxes scattered about and things yet to be unpacked strewn in various places) and we listened to her read some inspirational talks. I sat with my back against the wall, and listened. Really listened. And I looked at each one of my brothers' and sisters' faces. Hoping that they were feeling the same way as me.
I felt content. I felt blessed with everything that I have.
A few moments later my 16 year old sister Meghan put a plate full of cookies on the floor- which also had peanut butter M&M's piled around the cookies- she placed it in the middle of all of us whilst my mother continued reading.
It's hard to explain, but as simple as it was, I loved sitting there with my family eating peanut butter M&M's and eating store bought cookies. Just listening to the sound of my mother's voice.
Being surrounded by the ones that I love.

And once we were finished, I walked down the new hallway, to my new bedroom, and I thought to myself "It feels like home now".


Cold December Night

source for photo
poem written by me

I guard my heart with all my might
As I stare out the car window 
this cold December night

The rain comes down as light as my step
I walk to your car with a heavy heart
My burdened mind cannot simply relent

Everything seems to be a blur
as I vaguely think and remember
how those days were

This cold December night
I hold back my tears
To not blind my sight
and silence the words that I hear

Maybe one day I will see
that all of this was meant to be


Queen for a day

So a few weeks ago, my brother Keaton decided to dress up.......like a queen. He was extremely fascinated with a game my mom bought, and he just started piling on all the jewelry that came with it. It was a hilarious sight. He didn't have a shirt on and he was thoroughly enjoying this so called thing: "dressing up".
 I wanted to remember this moment. So I dashed to grab my trusty camera and then Keaton and I went out into the backyard for a photo shoot.

I can promise you guys that I did not put him up to this. (I know the first picture appears contrary to this fact, but that was just his serious face) I didn't force him to. (what kind of sister would I be if I did?)
That's what I love so much about this. Keaton wanted to do it. And he didn't care what anyone else thought of him. He simply did not care. He didn't care if it was considered "girlish". Or worry if anyone would make fun of him. He just did it because he felt like doing it. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I love ya, Keaty!


I love you, Mom

I love you, Mom
My very best friend
I love you more than anything
A listening ear you'll always lend

I love our conversations
And our late night talks
If we had nothing better to do
We'd go on many walks

We don't always see eye to eye
Seldom do we not get along
But when we do, we stop
Because arguing just feels wrong

Day by day I'm growing up
I'm not a little girl anymore
I love you with all my heart
And every day I love you more

I'm growing older, it's true
But that will not change my love for you

All those nights we'd stay up late
Many books we did read
All the memories I have kept
With the only friend I'll ever need

You're rad to be around
I enjoy spending time with you
When we are together
Laughter will usually ensue

You are my mother
And always will be
No matter how far apart
Forever and eternity


and we'll go up, up, up; but I'll fly a little higher

This song is very touching. I can't stop listening to it. It makes me both happy and sad. Listening to this really puts time into perspective for me. How we don't have enough of it. How we take 'time' for granted. And some of that time can be taken from us. "Ripped right out of our hands"

Read the article here
Buy Zach's song here


more memories from the beach

blowing bubbles at the beach. (it was on my bucket list)

there's no place like the beach
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