Personal Hygiene Assistant

I am in a humorous mood today. In the mood for laughing. Probably because I'm getting over my 2 week cold, or maybe....maybe just because. 

I made this video for a creative writing class about a year ago (don't ask). My sister "starred" in most of the video and my mother narrated the entire thing. I, of course, was the Personal Hygiene Assistant with the wicked awesome mustache. (: 
It was fun making this video. Even though it was nowhere near being perfect, but hey, creating a hilarious video is much harder than it looks. Okay, maybe not.

 P.S My mom is pregnant with identical twin boys! Talk about excitement!


sadly, i am very ill

i have been sick for 2 weeks now; and so has everyone in my family.  horribly, terribly and utterly sick. (my eyes are watering as i type this.) we think one of the little ones brought a virus back from school. very sad, but most likely true.
so for the past 2 weeks, there has been the chorus of coughs and sneezing and throat clearing sounding through our home. along with many small sniffles.

cough drops, tea, soup, tissues, acetaminophen and tea have been my constant companions throughout the whole thing, and i feel oh so grateful for them. and so has The Help, which i have been reading to my mom in bed. although my voice sounds like Squidward is reading instead of me. blame that on the stuffy nose

i can barely sleep at night. i wake up in a fit of coughing and cannot manage to go back to dreamland to save my life. i feel as if i could cough up a lung. 
 i woke up the other night, my body feeling as if it were on fire, and got out of my mom's bed to get some cooler clothes on. i was so dizzy that i could hardly make the trip down the hall. i am very surprised i was able to put a pair of shorts on with being so disoriented. i nearly fell as i walked into my bedroom. my head was pounding so hard that night i thought it would burst. let me just say that that was the worst night of all this week. the worst.

i am hoping that i will get much better by the end of this week, i mean it's spring break for Pete's sake! i need a break. this sickness should be over with by now. i have not properly valued the way i have felt when i'm not    sick, and now....i realize how nice it is to be energetic and feel great when i wake up in the morning. to not have to worry about a runny nose. to not have a pounding headache. to not wake up several times in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. to not feel absolutely miserable. i am looking forward to when that time comes. 

~so dear reader, be thankful. you have your health.~


my life in pictures

these pictures not only depict my life as it is now, but how i want my life to be in the near future. who i hope to become. what i hope to do in my life. everything i want in life. the important things. the little things. the big things. how i see the world; the beautiful and the ugly. what really matters. my dreams and aspirations. the small things in life that make me smile. who i am. everything that occupies my heart and thoughts. living a life that God will be proud of.  who i hope to be. these are the pictures of......me.
oh my word this is divine! 
this is me... 
flying in light 
rainbow balloons 



what magic awaits.....
tick tock
bust out a map, and hit the road
ready to go
your footprint in the sand

of course, there are not enough pictures in the world to tell you my life's story. 


little notes of joy [26-37]

little girl laughing 

26. getting a Euphoria chocolate truffle from Mum

27. tickling my little sister and hearing her laughter

29. making a list of new words to learn

30. discovering that my mascara wasn't really missing!

31. writing poems out of the blue

32. having a conversation with someone i didn't really 'know' before

33. making and eating peanut butter cookies

34. that point where i'm in between being asleep and being awake

35. laughing and telling jokes with Mum

36. lying on my back outside while the springtime sun warms my face

37.  "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalms 139: 14

post script: happy st. Patrick's Day!
post post script: i made peanut butter cookies yesterday and they were utterly scrumptious. (^:


awkward and happy thursday

i took a shower this morning,  feeling pretty great as i washed my hair. i thought about what i was going to do throughout the day and about any other random things that popped into my head. i usually think excessively when i'm in the shower.  after i got out of the shower, i set my iPod radio to shuffle and commenced to get dressed for the day. my little sister was in there dancing to the music as i did this. when i was fully dressed, a song came on. my little sister smiled and started twirling around crazy-like. i had the urge to join her. so i gave  in to that urge. i started dancing along with her, and found myself lip-syncing to the song in front of the mirror dancing my pants off. this was that song>>>>>>

i imagined what it would look like if my life was a movie. if someone was looking down on my life from above, watching the very first showing with front row seats. (that's how i know God has to have a sense of humor.)   the genre of my life would definitely be comedy today. or a tragic comedy if i fell and broke my leg while i had been dancing. 
i danced and lip-synced and i didn't even care that i felt like an immature kid. my little sister actually stopped and stared at me for a few moments while i danced. (:  
at almost 18 years old, i feel rather silly doing that, but what fun is life if you're going to act serious and mature all the time? i had the urge to live in the moment, so i did. and i felt absolutely great doing it. 


Always. Dance. 

i truly lived by this quote today.
~"dance like no one's watching."~
i should do things like this more often. it makes me happy. i think that acting spontaneous is essential for a long and well lived life. don't you? so go out into the world and be spontaneous. no really, i mean it. go out this instant and do something you've been wanting to do but never found the time to. it'll make your day!

post script: i know today is going to be just grand because i actually have obedient hair after blow drying it, i ate a scrumptious oatmeal raisin cookie, i danced like there was no tomorrow, and i called my diaperless sister a naked nugget. (yes i did) 
don't you just smell the scent of a great day in the air?

post script x 2: what are you still sitting here for? stop reading and go do something!


My Chocolate Truffle

Drunken Prune Truffles 

My Chocolate Truffle

I gladly sit here eating my truffle
Wondering if there will be enuffle
I take three bites and close my eyes
Not even caring about its small size
Flavors dance atop my tongue
A chocolate melody it has sung
After a few bites, I'm ready to say
That I've had enough truffle today
I wrap it back up, and put it inside
The fridge where it will safely hide
Until tomorrow, after I rest
And get that feeling in my chest
When I wake with want and great desire
The need for my truffle will be dire
Until then, my dear chocolate friend
I'll be anticipating when we meet again


i feel like a ninja photographer

today, i waited for our elderly next door neighbor to get into his car and drive away. as soon as i saw him turn right onto the street, i ran into my room, snatched my camera, and went outside in my faded red sweatpants. i tried to act kind of casual as i walked into his front yard, like i had important business to tend to. (i didn't want the other neighbors to grow suspicious!) as i approached the Stump of Awesome Moss, i felt excited. i had been waiting for this moment  awhile. and that moment had finally come.

"why didn't you just ask the old man if you could take a picture of his stump?!" says a voice in my head.
"because," i reply. "then he would look out the window the whole time to make sure that i'm not defacing his property or robbing his flowers!"
"oh," replies the intelligent voice. "i see."
of course you do.

our elderly neighbor.......let's just say he's a bit paranoid. he doesn't like cats (or kids) in his yard, and anytime he sees a small leaf in his driveway, he picks it up like it's a piece of garbage! he seems very meticulous when it comes to the appearance of his yard. but a leaf? come on.
there was this kind of thrill that went through me as i took these pictures that i didn't get permission for. i didn't feel like a criminal on his property if that's what you think. okay, sort of  but my sneaky efforts, in my opinion, were definitely worth it. >>>>>>

i saved best for last. the stolen photo above is my absolute favorite.

i'll just say right now that i feel like a ninja photographer. i don't feel bad for what i did, not by any means. but i'm thinking next time,  i'll ask permission. i promise. 

post script: see, what did i tell you? i told you i was going to get those photos no matter what.

post script post script: i'm eating a pancake covered in peanut butter.


at the present moment

Bike by the sea

i'm pretending that i didn't totally embarrass myself in front of my driver's ed class while doing a presentation
i have a sore/stinging cat scratch on both of my hands from giving 3 cats a bath
(and the vet later told us that we didn't have to give the cats a bath!) Grrr....
it's a completely beautiful sunny day out and warmer than it has been in a long time
i'm wearing khaki shorts
i have the persistent urge to go on a bike ride
i'm feeling very happy
my mom got me a chocolate truffle yesterday
nothing would be stopping me from going on that bike ride except for the fact that i have to babysit right now.
i have this feeling that i have to do something grand today
i really want to make a homemade truffle
i can't get over how adorable my little sisters are :)
i need to load the dishwasher at the moment but am typing this post instead
i spotted an old stump with some really cool lookin' moss and plants growing on it (but it's in the neighbors front yard)
i'm considering waiting for our neighbor to leave and sneak into their yard and take pictures anyway.
i'm feeling overly happy for some reason
i am determined to figure out the reason for my immense happiness
i'm drinking some scrumptious lemon tea as i write this
i'm wondering about my future
i've been looking longingly out the window, with the sun shining through
i'm beginning to think that this list is much too long

i'm off to load the dishwasher now. and i'll wait until the neighbor leaves, no matter how long. i must take that picture. what? it's just an old stump you say? no. it's much more than just a stump. you'll see.
i'm going to take a bike ride later. i must. yeah, of course i'm bringing my camera. 


little notes of joy [17-25]

paper cone for popcorn

17. warm, buttery popcorn....mmm

18. being a goof with Meghan

19. getting all my 'big' chores done

20. singing to a song & realizing that my voice sounds pretty good

21. having a fresh litter box

22. laughing at a stupid thing i did

23. reading the Help with Mother

24. feeling like i spent my day well

25. the feeling i get after hopping quickly into the heated car on a very cold day


winter in the spring... (or is it the other way around?)

i took these photos on a beautiful Sunday morning. the first sight of bees made me excited.
~ignore the bugs~

the weather was wonderful and warm, and listening to the sound of the buzzing bees made me happy.
But the next day, things changed drastically.......
*please pick me up, Kate! my paws are getting cold!*

we woke up to snow on the ground. (very unexpected if you ask me)
i guess the weather just can't make up it's mind. :)
~happy Wednesday my lovlies!~

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