awkward and happy thursday

i took a shower this morning,  feeling pretty great as i washed my hair. i thought about what i was going to do throughout the day and about any other random things that popped into my head. i usually think excessively when i'm in the shower.  after i got out of the shower, i set my iPod radio to shuffle and commenced to get dressed for the day. my little sister was in there dancing to the music as i did this. when i was fully dressed, a song came on. my little sister smiled and started twirling around crazy-like. i had the urge to join her. so i gave  in to that urge. i started dancing along with her, and found myself lip-syncing to the song in front of the mirror dancing my pants off. this was that song>>>>>>

i imagined what it would look like if my life was a movie. if someone was looking down on my life from above, watching the very first showing with front row seats. (that's how i know God has to have a sense of humor.)   the genre of my life would definitely be comedy today. or a tragic comedy if i fell and broke my leg while i had been dancing. 
i danced and lip-synced and i didn't even care that i felt like an immature kid. my little sister actually stopped and stared at me for a few moments while i danced. (:  
at almost 18 years old, i feel rather silly doing that, but what fun is life if you're going to act serious and mature all the time? i had the urge to live in the moment, so i did. and i felt absolutely great doing it. 


Always. Dance. 

i truly lived by this quote today.
~"dance like no one's watching."~
i should do things like this more often. it makes me happy. i think that acting spontaneous is essential for a long and well lived life. don't you? so go out into the world and be spontaneous. no really, i mean it. go out this instant and do something you've been wanting to do but never found the time to. it'll make your day!

post script: i know today is going to be just grand because i actually have obedient hair after blow drying it, i ate a scrumptious oatmeal raisin cookie, i danced like there was no tomorrow, and i called my diaperless sister a naked nugget. (yes i did) 
don't you just smell the scent of a great day in the air?

post script x 2: what are you still sitting here for? stop reading and go do something!


  1. Mmmm, yes! Dancing, smiling, laughing, singing all seem to make us more cheerful people, more ready to do things we can't stand, more appreciative of the little things...we ought to do these things far more often than we do! =)

    1. Yes, indeed we should! The world could use happier people.

  2. this is awesome

  3. no way! of course not! i love it too much :D

  4. Awesome start to the day! And I agree...life needs splatterings of spontaneous actions or where would be the fun?

    PS Definately agree. God has a great sense of humour.:)


  5. ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

    I am doing a survey of bloggers, and I want to ask you a couple of questions.)
    1.) How old are you?
    2.) How old is your blog?
    3.) Why you created a blog?
    4.) How long you plan to carry it?

    In the earlier, thanks!

  6. 1. I'm almost 18
    2. About 4 months old
    3. I just wanted to. It seemed like a fun way to express myself and tell the stories of my life.
    4. I plan to have this blog as long as I feel like keeping it.

  7. ...and I thought I was the only one who had some of her deepest thoughts in the shower!! yeah, isn't it great when you hear this song, and you start dancing and singing along with even thinking??


  8. I'm an amateur dancer, and there was a quote that someone said to me once "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet". I just wanted to share it with you, because I agree that dancing does loosen up the soul and turns one's face into a smile :) I love the way you write by the way, I chuckled the whole way while reading. You have yourself a happy and eager new follower.


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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