at the present moment

Bike by the sea

i'm pretending that i didn't totally embarrass myself in front of my driver's ed class while doing a presentation
i have a sore/stinging cat scratch on both of my hands from giving 3 cats a bath
(and the vet later told us that we didn't have to give the cats a bath!) Grrr....
it's a completely beautiful sunny day out and warmer than it has been in a long time
i'm wearing khaki shorts
i have the persistent urge to go on a bike ride
i'm feeling very happy
my mom got me a chocolate truffle yesterday
nothing would be stopping me from going on that bike ride except for the fact that i have to babysit right now.
i have this feeling that i have to do something grand today
i really want to make a homemade truffle
i can't get over how adorable my little sisters are :)
i need to load the dishwasher at the moment but am typing this post instead
i spotted an old stump with some really cool lookin' moss and plants growing on it (but it's in the neighbors front yard)
i'm considering waiting for our neighbor to leave and sneak into their yard and take pictures anyway.
i'm feeling overly happy for some reason
i am determined to figure out the reason for my immense happiness
i'm drinking some scrumptious lemon tea as i write this
i'm wondering about my future
i've been looking longingly out the window, with the sun shining through
i'm beginning to think that this list is much too long

i'm off to load the dishwasher now. and i'll wait until the neighbor leaves, no matter how long. i must take that picture. what? it's just an old stump you say? no. it's much more than just a stump. you'll see.
i'm going to take a bike ride later. i must. yeah, of course i'm bringing my camera. 


  1. Haha, I love this. You are hilarious. Yes, you should for sure go take a picture of that stump. This list is definitely not too long. :) Great post! :))



“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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