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I Lost My Voice

I lost my voice. But not in the way that you may be thinking. I can still speak, but my creative voice is gone. Or maybe I have just forgotten how to use it. 

Ever since I graduated from college in 2018, I have felt that my writing has been lacking creativity, soul, or any unique style at all. Consequently, I haven't loved my writing and I've even told myself that I am not a great writer and that I have no written work worthy of sharing with the world (I see that I still have a knack for unintentional alliteration).
Only until recently, I realized that I haven't written much of anything that wasn't required of me. I also believe that some of my journalism classes somehow caused me to lose my creative style. (You would think that getting a degree in journalism would make me an overall better writer.) I'm not blaming my instructors or the degree I chose, but I think I was so focused on schoolwork and data, and succinct, fact-driven writing, that I slowly began losing t…

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