Hate vs. Love

~10 Things I Absolutely Hate~

1. Cleaning the litter box

2. Reading a very large, boring text book

3. Listening to someone who thinks they know everything

4. Yelling at my siblings (yes, I do yell sometimes)

5. Beating myself up over trivial things

6. Rush hour (it scares me!)

7. Telling myself I can't do something

8. Acting like a complete moron when I wanted to make a good impression

9. Getting less than a B on a test

10. Pessimistic thinking

~10 Things I Utterly Love~


1. Drinking tea on a bright, sunny morning

2. Understanding something that had once confused me

3. Listening to the rain/walking in the rain

4. Having a heart to heart conversation with my mom

5. Eating a cookie (or any home baked good for that matter!)

6. Getting absorbed in a book

7. Wearing my favorite shoes

8. Photography

9. Sleeping after a really long day

10. Putting an awesome outfit together involuntarily


I Am a Book

If I had to choose one thing that would tell the world who I am, I would choose a book. Books are inexplicable, sad, humorous, and adventurous, just as I can be. And no amount of infinite words you use, you cannot quite describe them.
They appear differently to their various readers, just as I am perceived by the world; people judge me by my cover.
A book is inexplicable sometimes because you can't fully define how it makes you feel. Like me, I cannot be categorized, I do not fit on one distinct shelf. I am so many things, ideas and interests wrapped into one package; I can't be wholly explained.
Well written books evoke various emotions. They make you laugh, they can make you cry, and they can be deeply interesting.
I, like all human beings, have many emotions, and depending on my mood I can cause people to feel certain ways.
Most readers will pick up a book mainly by looking at the cover or the title. Numerous people discern me without really reading my pages. They see me as a withdrawn, quiet girl, not knowing what lies beneath my skin. In fact, I can be entirely the contrary.
Around family and good friends I am quite loquacious. I can be found cracking jokes and laughing my head off. I am wild. I like to be crazy sometimes. (Don't we all?)
If you don't read a book, you won't know what you're missing. You won't know anything about it. So take the time to know a person, to know me, 
and find what lies beneath the cover.


Snow Finally Arrived!

I am so glad to announce that Snow arrived at my home on Monday. (AKA: Martin Luther King Day.)
I was very happy and excited when I woke up and looked out the window, I felt just like a little child on Christmas morning. :) There's something about a snow shrouded world that seems magical. Everything appears clean and new. It's simply beautiful.
As the snow fell several times that day, I had the sudden compulsion to go twirl around in it. I almost couldn't restrain myself.
There wasn't school for my siblings, so as soon as we woke up, we got ready and went outside. I loved seeing their expressions at the sight of the snow.
I, of course, grabbed my camera and started snapping photos right away.

There are these two thorny bushes in our backyard with red berries on them and I hadn't ever noticed how pretty they looked until snow had fallen over them. 

Initially I had thought they were just ugly, thorny brown bushes. But their beauty became apparent when the snow came. (I'll never judge a plant again.)

Keaton and I had a minor snowball fight before he became cold and wanted to come into the house.

The snowsuit was a bit big for him, but he outgrew his last one. Keaton is adorable. :)

Our neighborhood looked really awesome. I wished I had gone out there before the cars had left tire tracks in the snow.
<Cats love snow too!>

Mia and I created a snowman (or snowboy) in the front yard. He looked kind of creepy, but I didn't intend for him to turn out that way.
Mia wanted him to have huge rock eyes, so I smacked 2 huge rocks into his face. She chose all of the features except for the teeth. I chose those. And that could be the creepy factor on my part. I thought he looked cute and a bit alien like at first, but now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun on our snow day and I hope some more arrives soon. I'm not ready for winter to end. Not yet. (In fact, I wrote a poem on that subject.) 
I started Drivers Ed this week, so I am going to be more busy than usual, studying, testing, driving, more studying and finally, reading. 
~Happy Saturday!~


Le Happy

A great book
My family
Rainy days
Giggling children
A calm day
Scrumptious treats
Kind words
Inspirational quotes
Moments of insight
The beach
Road trips
My favorite music
Having long talks with my mom
Merino wool socks
Smiles and smiling
Laugh lines
Making another person laugh or smile
Watching a hilarious movie
Laughing until my stomach hurts
Mom's cookies
Clear starry nights
Long and short walks
Bike rides
When something forgotten is remembered
Fall leaves
A garden
Roller skating
Teaching my siblings something new
Teaching myself something new
Hopes and dreams
Thinking of the future
People watching
Beautiful little things
Cloudy blue skies
Baking with love
Thinking of the things that make me happy! :)

~What makes you happy?~


I Am Ecstatic!

I can't possibly explain how ecstatic I am right now! I took both of my tests today and got great scores. I just signed up for two more on the 24th. 
I spent the entire day out at the college and I feel exhausted and hungry. I can't wait until Mom's lasagna comes out of the oven. Mmm.
I'll also point out that I feel very accomplished. I got 2 tests out of the way and I created an awesome collage for my blog header. Thanks to the advice from a helpful blogger. (You know who you are.)
I feel like a complete moron though because of yesterday's post. I titled it "Happy Monday!" and it was Tuesday. I guess I'm turning crazy, I don't know. :)


Happy Tuesday!

Today is just a great day, don't you think? Well, I can make any day be a great day if I want, but I just felt really stupendous when I woke up this morning. I cleaned the house to the wonderful aroma of orange cranberry muffins baking in the oven, and then I went outside in the chilly winter air to cut some thin branches from our tree. Why you may wonder? To create this!
A great Valentine's Day center piece!

I placed the branches in a clear vase and hung sparkly red hearts from them. 

 It was so totally and utterly cold outside that by the time I came back into the house, I couldn't feel my fingers. Brrr!
It was nice having the sun stream in through the windows for most of the day. It felt like spring had come early, but that was just the weather fooling me. 
I ate about 4 or 5 of those orange cranberry muffins my mom made. They were scrumptious! My mom was raiding the fridge and the cabinets for anything orange flavored since we didn't have orange juice concentrate available! It was a bit funny.
I am off to the college tomorrow to start my testing. I am both excited and anxious. But mostly excited. 
Well, I hope you guys all had a great day!
*~Happy Tuesday!~*
(: You can make any day happy if you want to! :)


What Bothers Me

Something that really bothers me are prejudice people. We see them everywhere. They are all around us. That girl that just scoffed at another girl's outfit in the mall just because she thinks her own is better. A man that assumes a black man is going to steal something from his store just because he dislikes black people. Thinking just because someone looks poor that they are poor. Or that if somebody has extravagant cars and clothes that they are apt to act snobbish. 
Every person has judged another person at least once in their life. And probably unfairly too. (I know I have.)
And another big thing. Racism. Why dislike someone just because they are different from you? It just doesn't make sense to me. I hope that someday, everyone will treat others equally; no matter what race, religion, color or status. We're all worth the same in Gods eyes. So why can't we see that way through ours?  The poem by Shel Silverstein illustrates my feelings quite precisely. 

~No Difference~
Small as a peanut,
Big as a giant,
We're all the same size
When we turn off the light.

Rich as a sultan,
Poor as a mite,
We're all worth the same
When we turn off the light.

Red, black or orange,
Yellow or white,
We all look the same
When we turn off the light.

So maybe the way
To make everything right
Is for God to just reach out
And turn off the light.


I Can't Believe It's 2012!

I simply cannot believe that a whole year has passed. Where does the time go? Don't you just wish that you could freeze time once in a while? Just so you could make a moment last a little longer? 
I have made many plans for myself this year. There are so many things that I would like to accomplish.
I want to complete my novel before my 18th birthday. That is one. I'm not going to prepare myself for it actually happening because it just seems like too great of a goal for me. I really don't think that I'll be able to write the rest of my novel before April. But I'll try. It's worth a shot. I'll be optimistic about it.
 I hope to accomplish at least one of the things on my Bucket List as well. That should be exciting!
Anyway, I have a lot to do right now and I don't have much time to post, but I hope that you all have a GREAT New Year and that you will succeed in all of your endeavors! :)

*Happy New Year!*
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