Hate vs. Love

~10 Things I Absolutely Hate~

1. Cleaning the litter box

2. Reading a very large, boring text book

3. Listening to someone who thinks they know everything

4. Yelling at my siblings (yes, I do yell sometimes)

5. Beating myself up over trivial things

6. Rush hour (it scares me!)

7. Telling myself I can't do something

8. Acting like a complete moron when I wanted to make a good impression

9. Getting less than a B on a test

10. Pessimistic thinking

~10 Things I Utterly Love~


1. Drinking tea on a bright, sunny morning

2. Understanding something that had once confused me

3. Listening to the rain/walking in the rain

4. Having a heart to heart conversation with my mom

5. Eating a cookie (or any home baked good for that matter!)

6. Getting absorbed in a book

7. Wearing my favorite shoes

8. Photography

9. Sleeping after a really long day

10. Putting an awesome outfit together involuntarily

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“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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