Happy Tuesday!

Today is just a great day, don't you think? Well, I can make any day be a great day if I want, but I just felt really stupendous when I woke up this morning. I cleaned the house to the wonderful aroma of orange cranberry muffins baking in the oven, and then I went outside in the chilly winter air to cut some thin branches from our tree. Why you may wonder? To create this!
A great Valentine's Day center piece!

I placed the branches in a clear vase and hung sparkly red hearts from them. 

 It was so totally and utterly cold outside that by the time I came back into the house, I couldn't feel my fingers. Brrr!
It was nice having the sun stream in through the windows for most of the day. It felt like spring had come early, but that was just the weather fooling me. 
I ate about 4 or 5 of those orange cranberry muffins my mom made. They were scrumptious! My mom was raiding the fridge and the cabinets for anything orange flavored since we didn't have orange juice concentrate available! It was a bit funny.
I am off to the college tomorrow to start my testing. I am both excited and anxious. But mostly excited. 
Well, I hope you guys all had a great day!
*~Happy Tuesday!~*
(: You can make any day happy if you want to! :)

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  1. kate, go to picnik.com and then click "make a collage" {you'll probably have to make an account} then add your photos from your computer and arrange them to your liking, add text, save, and you're done! :))
    -jocee <3


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