edible endeavors

February has been so incredibly hectic and crazy that I've neglected my blog and photography. Sorry about that.
I am preoccupied with church activities, being the oldest of nine, reading books, living life and To-Do-Lists up the wazoo!
 My mind has been crammed with thoughts concerning college, poetry, writing, thoughts about the future and thoughts just about life wrapped up into one big, unorganized jumble. Welcome to my brain.
But let's get on to the good stuff, shall we?
On Valentine's Day I baked heart cookies completely decked out with various sprinkles. That was immensely enjoyable to do. Then later that night, my mom and I 'heart attacked' a friend's house. We did this by dropping off some of these cookies, a treat bag with chocolates, sticking hearts all over the front door and scattering shiny confetti all over their porch. My mom and I, of course, had to do this very stealthily, which as you can imagine is very difficult when you can barely see where you're walking.
I ended this clandestine mission by ringing the doorbell thrice and making a run for it. 
It was great.

And in honor of President's day, we attempted to create palatable presidents.....
with pancakes. -Yes we did
They didn't turn out exactly as we had envisioned they would. They didn't even look like president's.
But ah well. We tried. And that's all that matters.

* What kinds of things have you been up to? *

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rainy day marvel

photos by moi

It's a rainy, gray Tuesday morning as I glance out my bedroom window. I quickly grab my camera and raincoat and head out the door. I pull the hood over my head and I start to look for interesting things to photograph.
I walk around the yard until I pause, pondering a puddle. I snap a picture and continue to look around the rain soaked landscape.
Even with my hood on, rain streams down my face. I look up and gaze at the sky, as the rain collects on my eyelashes.
The whole scene outside is so green and wet it seems almost alien. An intriguing shrub with peculiar buds catches my eye. I get closer to examine one of the buds. I see a raindrop clinging to the bud for dear life, so I capture the moment with my camera. Seconds later, the raindrop plummets to the ground, blending with all the other lost raindrops.

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