take a look at this chocolate caramel hazelnut goodness

I tried out a new recipe yesterday and the result was delicious. I happened to spend over two hours* in the kitchen but, ah well. I think I used my time wisely, don't you?

* chopping hazelnuts, melting caramel, melting chocolate and assembling these cookies takes longer than you may think


  1. Goodness. Those look rather incredible :]

  2. Oh gosh kate. My mouth is watering. I bet all that time in the kitchen was worth it!

  3. this is to cover the others
    the way you see things is so beautiful
    i'm at a loss of how to explain it really

  4. Oh my goodness. BRB while I get a cup for my drool. Ha ha These look so yummy! I love anything with hazelnut! These definitely look like they were very time consuming to make. Whenever I am looking for a recipe, if it looks too complicated, I just move on. So I think its really awesome that you had the patience to try something like this. I hope you shared these delicious looking treats with friends and didn't just keep all that yumminess to yourself!! (;

    1. Oops! I guess I forgot to share with friends ;)

      Thanks, Jess! I always love your comments.


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