Little Notes of Joy *1-8*

1. The aroma of almond extract

2. Excitement of children

3. Thinking I look beautiful

4. A loving embrace

5. When the sun chases away the darkness

6. A really great part of a book

7. Decorating cupcakes 

8. The feeling of rain on my skin


  1. i'm not sure what you mean by "layered looking" your header collage has a black background so the blog won't be all white.
    does this help? :) and i'm sorry but i kinda sorta finished off the cookies... :)

  2. well, to change the font on the blog itself, go to design, then template design, then advanced, then you can change anything from font to colors to letter size :)
    and i'm going to assume you did your header on picnik? if you did, then give your header collage a border in the frame section. make it all white and make the caption height as large as possible. then you can add text with your blog's name in the white area below the collage pics. :)
    hope this helped :D

  3. oh, and if you do put the text on your collage via picnik, make sure, when you upload the header, you set it as "instead of title and description" :D maybe you already knew that but i just wanted to be sure :)


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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