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   I just haven't had any blogging inspiration lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. Usually I have loads of things I could be posting about, but recently.......nothing........*staring into the emptiness of my mind*
  While reading some favorite blogs of mine, I noticed that they all had one thing in common. They never capitalize. What's with that? What's the point? Charm? A rebellious nature to leave out the capitalized letter? Defying everything their teacher taught them in elementary school? That's something I've been dying to understand. (And just to be funny, I'll write the remainder of my post like such, although it bugs me to do it.)
Taking a photo  

of course, many of my absolute favorite blogs don't use capitalization. for anything. such as cupcake dictionaryan undefined reality, pieces of a real heart, sweet serendipity and a few others. i still adore reading their posts. why is this? i always ask myself when seeing no capitalization. i really would like to know. it doesn't bother me that they don't capitalize, it just bothers me when i don't. it's almost like it's programmed into my brain where it feels wrong. hey, that's just me. but maybe there's something special about this style of blogging that i am just unaware of.

post script: i'm very sorry for the lame/boring post. i guess my mind is running low on inspiration. 


  1. i never used to not capitalize things. it once bugged me too. but now, it just gives more of a casual feel to a blog post. plus it's way easier to write stuff when you don't have to remember to capitalize things. but i always capitalize words pertaining to God or Jesus. it's just more respectful i guess. oh, and what do you mean by the "hunger games situation" ???

  2. Oh, I'm a capitalizer all the way! And typos? Aaaargh. They drive me nuts! I can understand that it's quirky and fun to skip capitalizing, but it just wouldn't work for me.
    P.S. I do make up words, however. Apparently capitalizer isn't a word. Well, I couldn't use capitalist, because that actually is a word. And it doesn't mean "A person who capitalizes obsessively" Lol!

  3. idk how i'm getting so many followers! :) seriously--i'm just as surprised as you are. but in reference to your lack of followers, i think that maybe your blog is just too...random. (and i mean zero offense by any of this) but your blog doesn't really have a theme. the pictures, the gadgets, the buttons, it's all nice, but not together as a whole. it's all kind of mismatched and people generally don't like that. tell you what. i'll redesign the WHOLE thing for you again. new buttons, pictures, headers, the works. then we can see where your follower count goes. does this sound like something you want to do? i can make it more mature, themed, and give it a much more...elegant appeal :) okay? email me sometime and let me know.

    have a great day Kate!

  4. oh and the hunger games is sort of an apocalyptic themed trilogy. yeah, it's sort of a twilight fad, but way better i'm sure. :D

  5. okay! i'll do that over the next couple of days :) and i know you like your header--i do too--but, i don't think that it represents your blog's title very well. at least, not as well as it could. let me make you a new header. if you still don't want it, change it back :)

  6. I typically capitalize. Unless I am very lazy or blogging from a phone. Then its useless.
    :D But every once in awhile, even when I am not lazy, I feel like a post all needs to be little letters (as i call them).


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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