Leap Year Day

   today is a leap year--in case anyone didn't know-- a very special day that only happens every 7 years. you better get to proposing ladies!! (kidding)  check out my other post regarding leap years, Leap Year Love. it contains quite a decent amount of info about this interestingly odd happening. or simply google the word 'leap year' to find out more if you are a curious individual like me. (:

   there have been some snow flurries early this morning. i would be excited if it didn't mean i might have a canceled drive today. i really don't want a canceled drive. *grits teeth* other than that, let it snow!
dreaming of a white christmas
by trekgrl

   my blog is going to be under reconstruction over the next few days. i'm going to update some pages and change things. i'm striving to make my blog better. i've been at this blogging thing for over 4 months now. and i'm ready to change. change the style and overall atmosphere of my blog. change the way i ramble on about things. the way i really see the world. change. it's a great word.
love <3 #quote

thanks to all my followers who have stuck by me since the beginning. i appreciate it.

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sorry you have to put up with my craziness.

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  1. I love Leap years! <3
    Loverly post, good luck on changing things around!!


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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