Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. It's a funny holiday isn't it? The day where it's okay to show your love for someone. (Like we really have to designate a certain day for that.) 
My mom and I were in the car in front of Safeway yesterday, watching people (mostly guys) run this way and that with Valentine goodies; last minute purchases to express their love. I personally hate that people act like they have to buy someone's affection. I mean, receiving things from a loved one is sometimes nice, but that doesn't mean that they care that much more if they get you something. As we all know: It's the thought that counts. 
I saw many guys with roses and flowers of all kinds, and oh how I wished some of those flowers were for me.  
I don't have a Valentine this year. Besides the ones in my family. But I guess that's better than having no one at all. 
This was Ryan's Valentine's holder for his class. 

My Valentine's Day mainly consisted of baking and cleaning and eating some chocolate. I baked V-Day cupcakes.
Have one why don't you. Or ten.


I took these to my Driver's Ed class. I think they enjoyed them but, they're teenagers, they'll eat anything. (Okay, I know. I'm a teen too.) I was glad there were leftovers. I happily (and promptly) ate two cupcakes before dinner. What do ya think of that?
Anyway, I'd like to get to bed thank you very much. I'm exhausted. As we all know making cupcakes is very hard work. (^;

Post Script: Maybe next year I'll get those flowers.


  1. oh yum!
    and it took me maybe 10min to write it. yeah :))
    -jocee <3

  2. yummy! :D i don't have a typical button. i just have a picture with my blog's name. i just have people save the pic and put it on their blog as they would a regular picture. :) it's on the right side of my blog if you want to take a peek at it :D

  3. Yummy!

    These look delicious, Kate. It makes me wish I'd made some for V-Day just to have something sweet. =)

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable (: And btw I LOVE your music!!! :D From now on, I'm keeping your blog up all day just so I can hear the music lol

  5. just right click on the picture, save to your computer, and then upload it onto your blog as a gadget picture. :) thank you for wanting to put my button up:) i'm not going to do any advertising for blogs just yet so please don't be offended if i don't put your button on my blog right now :)


  6. I love this post! It's so true. Why do people suddenly act like their in love just for one day a year? It's quite silly. Now I want cupcakes, haha! Lovely blog. :) x


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― Louisa May Alcott

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