Awkward Happenings [case 1 ]

   A lot of awkward incidents happened this week. I'm pretty sure that when people hear the word 'awkward', they think of embarrassment or things out of the ordinary. That's what I think of when I hear "awkward happenings". This week, I probably had more odd things happen to me than I can count, but I am happy to share with you some of these awkward happenings.

I nearly tripped in the dark on my dog. (twice)
I got something in my eye during class, and I merely tried to blink it out.
I slipped on a wet floor at the community college.
I almost hit a dog while driving the car with my mom.
My lips felt like they were on fire after peeling an orange with my teeth.
I listened to the same song 5 times in a row.
I said to my brother in a demanding tone of voice "Hand over the sandwich.......now."
I burned my tongue on some delicious tea.
I tripped over my cat and almost fell to the floor.
After watching the morning news, I told my sister that a football player was cited for going 104 degrees on the highway. (hey, it was early in the morning)
I took a picture (a week earlier) of a plate of sausages.
I drew a mustache on a Jacob Black picture and randomly taped it into my journal.
I was running full speed towards a fence and stabbed my hand on a protruding nail.


  1. phahahaha! If only i could remember all the awkard things that happen to me..it'd be a huge list!!

  2. lol you've given me my first smile today :D

  3. yes they are my brothers :) i've got four of them altogether--no sisters ;)


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― Louisa May Alcott

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