winter is coming; I can feel it

big sweaters <3

Winter is coming; I can feel it. I can feel it in my toes. On my skin as I shiver from a chilly wind. The leaves are pulled from branches, leaving the trees bare, exposed. Leaves are scattered everywhere. The scene is beautiful but desolate looking.
Winter whispers to me in the early hours of the morning. Telling me to get up. But I don't want to. It's cold. I stay warm in my burgundy flannel sheets just a little while longer, despising the idea that I need to get out of bed.
I put on cozy, wool socks. That's always makes me feel better. And I have myself a cup of green tea. My hands are instantly warmer. I take a sip and I am warm on the inside too.

I know winter is on its way when we start to have fires every night. Listening to the crackle of the fire and watching the flames lick up at the air, trying to grow higher and higher. Gazing into the flames, becoming mesmerized. Feeling at peace. Feeling the heat. Sitting in the living room with my family. Sleepiness usually occurs when I sit near a fire. Why is that? 
I know winter is coming when all I want to wear is sweaters. Sweaters and socks. I love big sweaters. It's like wearing a permanent hug throughout the day. Sweaters bring me a sense of comfort. They seem to take that feeling of 'home' with me, no matter where I go. I adore them for that.
Winter is coming. Which also means that Christmas is. And Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Christmas music just began playing on the radio the other day. I was really excited. Maybe more than I should have been.
My hands are usually always cold now. Unless I have them tucked inside my sweatshirt. My socks never leave my feet. And I don't want them to.
 I am frequently drawn to the rocking chair, cuddling into a blanket or hoping to absorb a few chapters of one of my current reads. Or I just sit there, contemplating and pondering. Winter, it seems, is the perfect time for that.
Winter is coming. I can feel it.


  1. "It's like wearing a permanent hug throughout the day"
    That. is fantastic.
    love this post<3

    1. I was basically going to say the exact same thing. <3 I love winter.

  2. While standing in line at the drug store waiting for my prints to be finished, I was amazed by the christmas carols. The holidays have snuck up quickly, haven't they?

  3. This is so beautiful that I am going to send it out on Twitter!! What a wonderful blog you have and what a gifted writer you are! I would love to be a new follower :)

  4. saying you are a gifted writer would be an understatement.
    you have talant use it to the fullest

  5. I agree with all the above. You have incredible talent, a true gift from God.


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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