let the holiday baking commence


I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins the other day, and they were delicious. And lovely.
Anything with pumpkin is bound to be good.
Now that the holidays are upon us, I think it's time for some copious amounts of scrumptious baked goods, don't you? 
I, personally, am looking forward to everything that I plan on baking....and...........eating  this holiday season. What about you?

What do YOU hope to bake and eat this holiday season?


  1. Holiday baking? Oh yes. Oh yes. =)

  2. Anything pumpkin IS bound to be good. ;)
    I'm looking forward to baking and eating persimmon cookies, gingerbread cookies, and sandies(buttery-sugary-goodness-cookies with pecans and then rolled in powdered sugar)! The holidays bring SO many goodies and cheer. So excited!

  3. Your muffin looks dreadfully good... pumpkin and chocolate chips? Neat!
    I want to make pecan pie and buttermilk pie. My favorite desserts EVER. And by the way, I love your new header/design/profile picture! (you are so pretty)

  4. Pumpkin pull apart bread. That's what I can't wait to get making and eaten! :D

    P.S. We're having a link up and would love it if you joined!

  5. do you have a recipe for the muffins?
    I was just thinking about needing to make something pumpkin/chocolate chip!
    cookies, maybe. that would be killer.

  6. you've been awarded! go check it out: http://emma-leeinreallife.blogspot.com/


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