little notes of joy [ 55-67 ]


55. cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles

56. 72% dark Ghiradelli chocolate

57. starting a new book when I have another one to finish

58. pumpkin pie

59. the first rain

60. kissing my little brothers' cheeks

61. the smell of various different flowers, all at once

62. God's love

63. the Promise of all promises

64. raspberry tea

65. banana bread

66. the fall winds getting colder and colder

67. sweaters

1 comment:

  1. Dark chocolate & starting a new book? Sounds like my kind of day! I <3 writing.
    God's love is AWESOME. <3
    Love the picture! So warm looking/feeling. Fall is totally here.


“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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