Dear Summer,

Dear Summer,
I love your warmth. And the cool evenings that you bring. Cloudless nights and stargazing. A bat flying over my head here and there. I enjoy the smell of butterfly blossoms drifting in through my open window. That smell is heavenly. The way the sun feels on my bare feet. Oh how I love it. All the activities that we are able to do in your season. School is out when you come around. I guess people reserve time for you because they love you so much.
Camping and swimming. Eating fruit and berries until the day ends. Listening to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves under a clear, blue sky. Just lying on my back with my eyes closed because I can. Sprinklers and the occasional bee sting or two. I adore waking to the twittering of birds and your light. Going outside early in the morning to see the sunrise. Breathing in the fresh air with so many various aromas. -Some good, some not so good.
Summer, you create so many memories. Not only for me though, but for many other people as well. I bet you like that.
Why do you have such a short season here in Oregon? Do you envy Winter and Fall because they get to spend more time with me? What do you do when you're not casting your warmth and brightness for me?
Oh, Summer, I especially adore reading a good book under the shade of a tree. I enjoy the warm breeze that comes over me, pulling at my hair, and flipping the pages of my book. I like the laughter I hear often from children playing and splashing in a kiddie pool nearby.
I love the light that comes from the sun going down. How quiet the night seems to get when your sun leaves us.
I prefer Winter and Fall most of all. I hope this doesn't offend you. Those seasons suit me best. I can't help but love them a bit more than you. I get tired of the heat. I don't like to be hot and sweaty. It makes me...irritable sometimes. (Plus, winter wardrobes are better. And I love wearing sweaters) I hope you'll understand Summer. Don't worry, it's not you. It's me. I just wasn't made to be a summer kind of girl.
Anyway, thanks for all the photography opportunities. They were spectacular.
See you next year.

I Still Love You,


Have a listen [here!] I just bought this song from iTunes. I love it!
 It's perfect for summer. -Well, the end of summer.

~What are your favorite things about summer?~

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  1. i absolutely love this. it's so poetic.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! did you get my email reply to the comment you posted? it didn't show your email address, but i tried to send it anyways. just let me know!


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