in case you didn't know


in case you didn't already know, i am currently writing a novel. *waits for applause* i have been working on it frequently lately and feel very proud of myself for all that i have accomplished. strange as it sounds, i haven't gotten writer's block in the last few weeks--i'm really glad about that, because i usually do. the only part that scares me is that i have no idea how i'm going to kill my villain/adversary. i don't quite know how to.... finish him off. 
i know it sounds morbid of me to wrack my brain for a way to kill one of my characters, but i must. that's how it has to be. the villain just has to die. and the hero must succeed.

i am aiming to have my novel fully handwritten (yes, handwritten) by the end of this coming summer. so i am going to work extra hard to meet that deadline. 
after it's complete, i'll type it up on the computer and send it off to publishers who will accept it. 

in no such way am i thinking that my book is going to be a bestseller, but i can dream that it will be.
yes, i can dream.......


  1. sounds great! i'll be the first one to line up at the door to buy it ;) good luck Kate :D

  2. How exciting!! And no writer's block - that's so great isn't it?! I write novels too (rewriting my first; yet again!). Do you like deadlines?

  3. You're writing it completely by hand!? I must say, that is quite a feat. You astound me.

  4. That SOOOO amazing! I never able to write story since they always play it better in my head. It's true. The only goodish like story I ever wrote ended well, but I killed the charather that I was most attached to named Gale. Her death, although, help save others from there once-was destopic world.

    Hope your villian fails...epiclly,
    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

  5. hey girly :) here's my new blog url:



“I like good strong words that mean something…”
― Louisa May Alcott

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