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 I came back home from college on April 12th, and I can honestly say that it felt strange to be home after being gone for about three and half months. I had missed my family so much and I gave my mom and all of my siblings backbreaking hugs as soon as I came back. I was hoping I wasn't suffocating them.
My siblings seem like they have grown a lot when I was gone. I guess when you live with your family and you see a person every day, you don't realize how much they have changed.

It's good to be back. I miss my little brothers and sisters sleeping in my bed, reading books to them, hearing their laughter, seeing them smile. Listening to them talk about how their day was at school, or what they are learning. I had missed them giving me hugs every day, and having them jump on my back or climbing me like a tree. I love that.
But as much as I enjoy being home, I really love college life. And I am going to miss my roommates and all of the different people I had met during my first semester. 
My first semester was such an excellent experience. I feel as though I have grown so much and I am becoming a better version of myself than I once was. I loved the feeling of being productive! That is probably one of the things I love most about college. Being productive. Progressing and moving forward with my life.

I have so many good times to add to my memory collection now. I'm grateful for the people who were involved in the fun and hilarious moments at college. Regardless if I keep in contact with all of them, they will forever be a part of my life. 
Playing in the snow, watching movies late at night in our "couch nest", dancing like we didn't have a care in the world at Party in the Hart, pretending that we were British in public (and people believing that we were), giving people nicknames (I got stuck with Hippie Grandma after wearing a ridiculous outfit that I had thrown on in a hurry. Thank you, Olivia), walking to the temple at night and taking pictures while it was snowing, impromtu late night car rides to get fast food, running at the track and going to the gym with our bodies feeling so sore that we wanted to stop, voluntarily plunging our faces into the snow and laughing with our snow beards, planning pranks and never actually doing them, baking cookies and delivering them to people on Valentine's Day, for all the times we ever baked brownies in our apartment, making snow angels, talking about our future lives and where we hope to be and who we hope to become, the late nights when we were so exhausted that we turned loopy and we didn't quite act like our normal selves, practicing to swing dance and to waltz, praying together as roommates on the floor of our living room, for making friends and meeting new people, going stargazing and saying our goodbyes, giving really tight and really long hugs, teaching one another and giving each other advice, hiking up a mountain and standing at the tallest point looking out over the land, inspiring one another, living in the moment.............there are many more fantastic memories that I could list, but it's not completely necessary for me to do so. They are not entirely capable of being shared. These memories and moments are in my heart. And I will never forget them.
Thank you to everyone that has been (and is) a part of my life.

These were my wonderful roommates. Oh, am I going to miss them


  1. Oh Kate how I miss you! This was a beautiful post. I teared up reading it. Enjoy your time at home, and have lots and lots of fun!

    1. Oh, Olivia! I miss you as well.
      I'm glad you liked the post, although I felt that I did not write it well enough to do justice.
      College memories......gotta love 'em! :)


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― Louisa May Alcott

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